We Add Value to Your Business

Let our strong leadership, talent and network work to your advantage

An elite team to lead the way

A company’s leadership defines its performance. WCS’s long-standing record of excellence through the years is testament to the effectiveness of its top management to stay relevant and competitive in the industry. The value of our corporate services to our clients can be seen by their level of increased compliance and efficiency in business administration. Our proven consistency in delivering the best results for our clients has helped spur their long-term business expansion and development.
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The support you can count on

A big part of our company’s service excellence can also be attributed to our distinguished panel of associates selected based on exemplary qualifications and industry record. Our clients can absolutely depend on our associates to provide the necessary support services to ensure achievement of their compliance and business goals.

Communication is key

At WCS, we have a high success rate with our clients mainly from our meticulous approach of active listening and understanding. We recognise that each client’s situation is unique, and this requires thorough comprehension on our part to be able to offer viable and actionable customised solutions that deliver the best results. In addition, we always reassure our clients by maintaining a high level of transparency through regular updates of their job’s progress and outcome.

7 Reasons Why Clients Choose Waltz Corporate Services Sdn. Bhd.

1. Fully licensed
As a fully licensed company secretarial firm, WCS bolsters our clients’ confidence in the services we provide. 

Our accreditation and memberships with relevant industry regulatory authorities assure clients that they are indeed partnering with a certified corporate services provider.
2. Qualified staff
The meticulous selection and hiring process at WCS guarantees that only employees with suitable qualifications are recruited. This means that clients enjoy the security that their company affairs are handled by professional and well-trained personnel.
3. Practical industry expertise
Being a distinguished company reputed for its in-depth knowledge and industry expertise, WCS’s top management is primed and accomplished to handle an array of corporate issues, administrative jobs and advisory projects for clients across various industries.
4. Customised solutions
At WCS, we are able to provide clients with corporate services that meet their specific administrative, business or compliance requirements through active listening and understanding. Our approach enables us to create suitable and actionable solutions that deliver the desired results for each client.
5. Reputable associates
WCS offers our clients the advantage of its well-established network of reputable and reliable industry associates to deliver a hassle-free client experience. Our panel of experts are ever-ready to provide complementary services to support our clients’ businesses.
6. Scale and scope
We have the capabilities to serve businesses of all sizes across a broad spectrum of industries including IT, F&B, Telecommunications and Engineering. Our portfolio features start-ups, SMEs and multinational companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, India, USA and China.
7. Good communication
The key to our success as an efficient and trustworthy corporate services partner is our emphasis on clear, constant and consistent communication with clients. This is how we maintain a high level of transparency, professionalism and integrity of our services for our clients’ peace-of-mind.